it’s a wild housing market out there

Mayhem, even. But luckily for sellers, in Colorado Springs, that wild market is decidedly in their favor. With so many more buyers than sellers, among other factors, homeowners have seen significant upticks in the values of their homes. That means sellers are in a great position to maximize profit and wealth. They’ll hopefully get many competitive bids in a relatively short period. There are still some things sellers need to consider, though, and a seller’s market doesn’t mean sellers get to avoid challenges entirely.

For any challenges a seller may face, the Mother Daughter Real Estate Team is there. We are trained and experienced in all parts of selling homes (we even train other agents!) so sellers who work with us have nothing to worry about. If you’re getting ready to sell your home, find out if we can help you sell successfully in the Colorado Spring area.

Mother Daughter Real Estate Serves:

First Time Home Sellers

When the time has come to sell a home for the first time, there’s a lot of thoughts and feelings going through a seller’s mind. Even beyond the emotional aspect, selling a home is a daunting task. If you’ve never gone through that experience before, you probably don’t know what to expect. You’ll wonder how to ensure the process runs smoothly and in your favor. That’s where the Mother Daughter Real Estate Team comes in. We will help you through the entire process from making decisions about preparing your home for market, to understanding the legalities of the listing paperwork, to courting potential clients, to fielding offers, to making the final sale.

Throughout the journey of selling your home for the first time, there will likely be some small bumps but our team can turn a stressful selling experience into one that feels just like smooth sailing. If you face problems or concerns in the selling process, Tammy and Gayle are committed to helping you through them. Selling a home for the first time doesn’t have to be intimidating when you choose the Mother Daughter Team.

Repeat Sellers

Even if you’ve completed the sale of a home before, an experienced Realtor® can still be a big help in the selling process. At Mother Daughter Real Estate, we pride ourselves on making selling a home easier and less stressful, no matter what kind of experience the seller has with sales in the past. With our help, the offers will start rolling in and when they do, Tammy and Gayle will explain the relative strengths and weaknesses of each offer. Timeliness and profit can be an important factor for many sellers, for example, but the untrained eye will struggle to distinguish between offers that are likely to close and ones that are more likely to fall through. We will factor that in and summarize the details so you don’t become overwhelmed. 

That way, you’ll be able to make the most informed decision possible and be completely satisfied with it. After decades in the real estate business, Tammy and Gayle are also trained in negotiation techniques so they can help you get the highest possible value out of your home when you do pick an offer.

Essential Tips for Sellers

Think Exposure, Exposure, Exposure!

In a seller’s market like this one, the right buyer for your home is almost certainly out there. Unfortunately, that won’t do you any good unless the buyer can find your home and put in an offer. To maximize the value you get from your home, you need to make sure as many qualified potential buyers as possible see your listing. That’s how you’ll get the offer you’re looking for. This is where your secret weapon will come in handy because there’s no one better to help with exposure and finding the right buyer than a highly experienced real estate team, like us.

List Your Home at the Current Market Value

Deciding on a listing price of your home when you put it on the market is one of the toughest decisions you’ll make as a seller. In this market, pricing at the current market value is more art than science, and this is where our experience can make all the difference. Even if you have no idea where to start, Tammy and Gayle are qualified to help you determine the right listing price, given the current market value of your home.

Don't Forget to Make Your Home Shine

With all this focus on technical components, emphasizing the beauty of your home can get lost in the shuffle. Don’t forget that a major part of what buyers are using to decide whether to put in an offer is how your home looks and feels. Consider one of the small investments sellers can make to boost the value of their homes like making minor repairs and working on the curb appeal with some light landscaping. Put yourself in the mind of the buyers and if you see something that would lower your opinion of the home, consider making a change there.