The Neighborhoods of Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs. Founded in 1886, it has been a prominent Colorado city ever since as the most populous municipality in El Paso County. Population initially boomed during the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush and mining remained a vital part of the city’s economy for years.

Now, the primary drivers in the economy are the military, the technology industry, and tourism. In the 1950s, Peterson Field opened as a U.S. Air Force Base in the area and it still remains active today. Some of the other key features in the city include the Garden of the Gods, the Olympic training center built in 1993, and the United States Air Force Academy which, along with the base, brings many military families to the area.

There are also a variety of colleges and universities in the area such as the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, Colorado Technical University, and Pikes Peak Community College.

The geography of the region is defined by the Rocky Mountains that provide some of Colorado Springs’ most striking views. Residents enjoy spending time in the Colorado outdoors in the many local parks and mountain trails.

The weather is cool and dry with plenty of sun throughout the year. It’s the perfect area for anyone looking to stay connected to nature while also benefiting from all the advantages a bustling city can provide from educational and professional opportunities to great restaurants and shopping centers. Over the last couple of decades, the city has gone through a rapid expansion.

More and more people have moved into the area to take advantage of all of its benefits. New neighborhoods have developed to accommodate the rising population, each with their own particular features and styles of living. Each Colorado Springs neighborhood is unique!

How Much is My Home Worth?

West & Southwest Colorado Springs, CO

The West and Southwest area in Colorado Springs contains some of the most desirable homes in the region. Not only is there great variety in the size and style of the houses, but the many historic properties in the neighborhood paired with the stunning mountain landscapes also make it a one-of-a-kind location. The area features a wealth of options for getting out and enjoying the scenery including Garden of the Gods Park, Bear Creek Park, and the Red Rocks Open Space trails. Residents get all the benefits of being connected to major commerce centers while still having access to nature and peaceful living.

Central Colorado Springs, CO

Central Colorado Springs is a particularly exciting real estate market in Colorado Springs. The older homes in the area have a unique charm and stand out from the more recently built homes in other areas of the city. They may require additional maintenance but their beauty makes it worth the extra effort. Close to downtown, Central Colorado Springs is a goldilocks neighborhood with access to all the amenities a person could want while also being quiet and serene. The Old North End in the area is one of the most desirable and is known for its gorgeous old trees and wide streets.

Monument, CO

Monument, Colorado is a spacious, private neighborhood located in El Paso County. Nearby to the South, the United States Air Force Academy and Briargate can be found and downtown Denver is less than an hour away, too. Monument gets its name from Monument Rock which is just one of the stunning sights in the area, alongside three great lakes and the mountains that overlook the area. Homes in Monument are often on large lots with plenty of acreage for those looking for room to spread out. The lower-than-average population density of the area makes for peaceful, quiet living.

Northgate, CO

Northgate is a vibrant, booming community in the North of Colorado Springs. It’s well-connected with easy access to many of the neighboring areas for shopping, dining, and exercising out in the beautiful Colorado nature. The community gets its name from its location at the North gate of the Air Force Academy and is accordingly a popular choice among military families. The largest neighborhoods in Northgate include The Farm, Flying Horse, and Gleneagle. In each of them, there are gorgeous new homes ranging in size to fit any family’s needs. Between the ideal location, unparalleled landscapes, and lovely homes, Northgate is a great choice for anyone looking to settle down near Colorado Springs.

Black Forest, CO

Located slightly to the North and East of downtown Colorado Springs, Black Forest is an ideal choice for homeowners who value privacy and beautiful landscapes. As its name suggests, the neighborhood is filled with striking Ponderosa Pine trees that make it unlike any of the other areas in Colorado Springs. Black Forest is perfect for those who own horses since many of the homes in the area are zoned for horses. The high elevation in the region means residents experience a significant amount of snowfall each year, about double what Colorado Springs gets, despite being only thirty minutes away.

Eastern, CO

The eastern neighborhood in Colorado Springs is one of the more bustling areas when it comes to real estate. Nearby to the Colorado Springs Airport and Peterson Air Force Base, the neighborhood is a hit with military families, though they aren’t the only ones who love living there. The area is almost completely developed with reasonably sized homes built between the 1990s and the present day. Residents come for convenient access to shopping, entertainment, and eateries but stay for the beautiful trails and parks which provide access to the Colorado Springs outdoors. The East neighborhood is close by to everything a resident could need and fulfills some wishlist items like a great view, too.

Fountain Valley, CO

Fountain Valley is a relatively small community of only 30,000 residents, located 20 miles to the south of Colorado Springs. It’s nearby to both Peterson Air Force Base and Fort Carson Military Base which makes the area popular with military families. Homes in Fountain Valley are smaller and less expensive than those in surrounding areas but the views of the Rocky Mountains are priceless. There are plenty of local parks and trails where residents can take full advantage of the incredible landscape and spend time in nature. The warmer weather in Fountain Valley only makes the outdoors all the more inviting. Amenities in the area include the Pikes Peak International Raceway and the Fountain Community Theater. There’s something for everyone.

Falcon & Peyton, CO

Falcon and Peyton are two of the more affordable areas near Colorado Springs. They have smaller populations which allow homeowners to purchase properties with large yards and acreage for more than enough living space. Because of the lower prices, these neighborhoods have been growing, and new developments and shopping centers are built every year. For people looking to stay close to all the convenience a city can offer without having to contend with all the drawbacks, Falcon and Peyton are perfect options. They provide peaceful, affordable homes with much more privacy than is available in the downtown area.