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Buying a home can be a big headache

Especially for the average person who doesn’t know the ins and outs of the industry. It may sound simple enough: find a home you love, place an offer, sign the paperwork, and move in. Happily ever after. But without a trusted real estate advisor by your side, the home buying process can quickly become a complicated, frustrating nightmare.

It’s a seller’s market out there right now, especially in Colorado Springs, which means buyers are under even more stress, facing steep competition from one another for the few available homes on the market.

what’s the alternative?

Rent? Rentals have never been so hard to find, with extremely stringent qualifying requirements. Not to mention throwing your money out the window on sky-high rental rates!

Luckily, there is something buyers can do to give themselves a much-needed advantage over others in the market for a home: work with an experienced broker. Realtors® who have seen the ups and downs through decades of crazy markets are like a buyer’s secret weapon.

They will help buyers make sense of constantly changing, and industry evolving trends like “escalation clauses” and “appraisal gap guarantees” so they completely understand the process and can make strategic decisions for themselves. 

Many buyers have a strict budget they must stick to so continually increasing bids won’t be a viable way to compete for desirable homes.

What can they do, then? 

Leave it to Tammy and Gayle of the Mother Daughter Team at ERA Shields Real Estate. They have the necessary training and experience to know exactly what questions to ask and how to handle negotiations. Beyond that, the community relationships and stellar reputation Tammy and Gayle have can carry a lot of weight when it comes time to work with sellers and their listing agents when making an offer. There’s simply no better option for buyers to have by their side in the home buying process. And the Mother Daughter Team helps all kinds of homebuyers, regardless of their needs or what they’re looking for.

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Mother Daughter Real Estate Serves:

First Time Home Buyers

The Mother Daughter Real Estate Team is proud to help first-time homebuyers through the process of finding and purchasing the perfect first home. The first time doing anything is often the most difficult and buying a home is no exception. Buyers are excited but often don’t know exactly what to expect. Tammy and Gayle will break down the process to make it as simple and comprehensible as possible for first-time homebuyers. They’ll answer any questions and try to resolve any concerns. When working with experienced brokers, first-time homebuyers will be able to go into the process with eyes wide open, ready and prepared to compete.

Soon, with some patience and a little bit of luck, and the added benefit of experienced agents on their side, first-time buyers will soon be saying “goodbye” to landlords and expensive rent. The right Realtors® can take a lot of the guesswork out of buying a home and that’s exactly what the Mother Daughter Team strives to do.

Home Buyers Reentering the Market

Reentering the home market after going through the process at least once before presents its own challenges. On its face, the home buying process is easier because buyers have some idea of what to expect. They may have a better idea of what they want and what they want to avoid after the experience of buying and owning one or more homes previously. Of course, while clarity about their must-haves is great, buyers should also retain some flexibility to increase their chances of getting a home that fits their needs. Differentiating between needs and wants can be tough, without a doubt. Fortunately, Tammy and Gayle will work hard to ensure buyers can find and purchase a home that has most of the things on their wishlist while still being mindful of their budget.

Buyers entering the market now should still bear in mind, though, that this market may be completely different from the one when they previously bought a home. The seller’s market is strong and buying the right home isn’t easy. Experienced agents will do everything they can to make it happen, buyers just need to remember to be patient and have faith the perfect next home will come around in due time. After all, with the Mother Daughter Team, it’s just a matter of time.

Home Buyers Looking for a Second Home

Deciding to buy a second home is incredibly exciting but may also be frightening. Generally, buyers purchase second homes for a different purpose than their primary residences. They may be looking for a vacation home or a home to rent out as an investment property to bring in some revenue. This is when the strong rental market and sky-high rents play in your favor! Whatever the reason a buyer is looking for a second home, the Mother Daughter team is there to help. For out of area buyers, our experience and knowledge of Colorado Springs is especially beneficial. They will find the second home that fits each buyer’s needs and work hard to make sure they’re the ones being handed the keys when all the bidding is done.